About Us

transparent Since 1993, DECO has assisted hospitals with a full suite of eligibility management services ensuring effective and efficient conversion of potential bad debt into cash that directly hits the hospital’s bottom line. We believe exceptional efforts produce exceptional results. Our team is driven to make the DECO Difference each day!

DECO focuses on a compassionate, empathetic patient-advocacy approach to eligibility services that not only provides hospitals with a targeted revenue flow solution for their uninsured and underinsured populations, but greatly enhances patient satisfaction.

DECO's team of Eligibility Experts guide and mentor each patient through the complex maze of applications for federal, state or local programs. But our work doesn't stop once the application is submitted. DECO continues to:

*follow-up on the status of the application

*answer any questions from the patient

*utilize our fleet of field reps to retrieve required documents from the patient or transport to required hearings

*if the application is denied, DECO will review and move forward with the appeals process

DECO's notable platform of People, Processes and Technology enables us to handle a variety of patient volumes - from multi-facility health systems to small rural hospitals - yet retain a small business feel that allows us to be responsive and patient-centric. DECO can tailor our approach and processes so that we can be exceedingly responsive to the specific goals and needs of each site. DECO invests in the local communities in which we work and is extensively involved in HFMA and AAHAM chapters

DECO’s Core Values of “Living the DECO Difference”

  • Diligence- comprehensively complete
  • Excellence- mediocrity not accepted
  • Compassion- committed to a difference
  • Ownership- embrace the possibilities
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DECO Amongst Top Revenue Cycle Management Improvement Companies: Top Company, Top Practices

DECO is one of the leading revenue cycle management improvement companies that hospitals have relied upon because of their dedication to well-structured business practices. Our marriage of efficiency with a foundation of strong values builds strong relationships between vendors, payees, and everyone involved in the business processes to ensure every quarter sees the best possible results.

The passion at DECO Recovery Management sets us apart: every team member is dedicated to the differentiation that makes us an industry leader in the US. We prioritize communication and stay on top of all responsibilities to ensure the shortest time between accounts/receivable days. We make doing business a pleasure, and do so with consistency and integrity.

The Journal of Healthcare Management said in 2008 that “effective hospital revenue cycle management achieves multiple positive results.” At DECO, we’re dedicated to those results, day in and day out, with our own process improvement, accountability, and passion. DECO team members build relationships and strengthen those relationships, all delivering quality results.

Technology fluency and constant integration with innovation is part of the unique process that keeps DECO a leader in the pack of revenue cycle management improvement companies. Hospitals trust in DECO for their vigilant upkeep with changing technological landscapes, and DECO takes pride in staying current to provide the utmost in client longevity.

We provide what top hospital revenue cycle management firms do, but we do it the DECO way, and our customers know and appreciate the difference. Part of that is never being a big, nameless, faceless entity. We know the names of the people we work with, and they know ours – and it makes doing business a pleasure for all those involved.