The Latest Trends in the World of ACOs You Need to Know

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The Latest Trends in the World of ACOs You Need to Know

Technology and legislation. They are always evolving and changing the world of ACOs. It’s been about a decade ACOs became part of the fabric of U.S. health care. The model has proved so valuable that the drive for further improvements and savings is strong. So, what’s on the horizon in the ACO world? How can […]

Medicaid Eligibility

How New Policies May Affect Your Medicaid Eligibility

With the average American now spending nearly $10,000 a year on healthcare, it’s essential to understand your eligibility for Medicaid and health care credits. As the healthcare system becomes increasingly complicated, it can be frustrating to navigate the labyrinth of premiums and schedules. Getting to know your Medicaid eligibility can help ensure that you keep […]

Is Lack of Transparency with Denials Costing Your Hospital Money?

What is Revenue Cycle Management Transparency’s Role in Keeping Healthcare Facilities Afloat?

While it’s true that patients are the lifeblood of any healthcare provider, it’s the accounts receivables that keep the proverbial chimneys burning. After all, if billings are not collected on time, your clinic or hospital may very well find itself short on cashflow. This, in turn, can have catastrophic effects on both your bottom line […]

Bundled Payments Help Hold All Providers Accountable for Quality Care

Rethinking Revenue Cycle Management Services in the Face of Bundled Payments

There has never been an era when the healthcare industry has seen such an upheaval quite like the past decade. With the passing of the landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of previously uninsured Americans now have a safety net to rely on should they fall ill. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission to […]

Key Elements in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management One-on-One Meetings

The Importance of Intimate Staff Meetings in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

A hospital’s finance department consists of staff with various responsibilities. This means that each accounts receivable employee has different experiences and challenges in doing their work. Understanding this allows managers to focus on each individual to address issues in a way tailored to their needs to improve hospital revenue cycle management. DECO Recovery Management It […]

Social Security Disability for Children and Adults Face Longer Waits

Social Security Disability for Children and Adults May Be Subject to Longer Waiting Times

If there is one thing that’s certain about social security disability for children and adults, it would definitely be the long waiting time. The average waiting time for a decision to be made regarding a child’s social security claim used to be three to five months or more. There is reason to believe that the […]

How to Manage Uncertainty in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace

The Effects of Affordable Care Act Marketplace Uncertainty on Healthcare Costs

After Senate Republicans failed to repeal ObamaCare, Americans continue to ask what all this means for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. Some people want a repeal, but others would rather have the administration support the existing system until a new and better one is designed. The precariousness of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for the […]

AHCA’s Impacts on New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

How the American Health Care Act May Affect New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

The Republican bill that seeks to repeal Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act (ACA)) continues to be tweaked after the House of Representatives passed it on May 04, 2017. Called the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the GOP bill intends to expand consumer choice and decrease public healthcare costs. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission […]

Existing Stumbling Blocks to Social Security Disability Eligibility

Two Causes of Claims Denial for Social Security Disability Eligibility

One of the best safety nets for patients who have suffered a long-term or permanent disability is receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Millions of Americans apply for disability insurance but only 37% have their claims approved. Furthermore, appealing for SSD is extremely frustrating as it now takes 596 days or almost 20 months for […]

Benefit Cuts Also Threaten Eligibility for Social Security Disability

More Plans of Cutting Benefits Could Possibly Affect Eligibility for Social Security Disability

Proposed budget cuts for social disability benefits have been put forward with a lot more frequency in the past year. This has created much tension and uncertainty for those who will be directly affected should these proposals be passed into law. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission to maximize reimbursement to our clients by […]

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