The Latest Trends in the World of ACOs You Need to Know


The Latest Trends in the World of ACOs You Need to Know

Technology and legislation. They are always evolving and changing the world of ACOs. It’s been about a decade ACOs became part of the fabric of U.S. health care. The model has proved so valuable that the drive for further improvements and savings is strong. So, what’s on the horizon in the ACO world? How can […]

Medicaid Eligibility

How New Policies May Affect Your Medicaid Eligibility

With the average American now spending nearly $10,000 a year on healthcare, it’s essential to understand your eligibility for Medicaid and health care credits. As the healthcare system becomes increasingly complicated, it can be frustrating to navigate the labyrinth of premiums and schedules. Getting to know your Medicaid eligibility can help ensure that you keep […]

insured patients

Affordable Care Act Marketplace Boosts Number of Insured Patients

Gone are the days when individuals from a specific income bracket worry about hospital bills and basic health necessities as they cannot afford to pay for a premium of health insurance yet, are still not qualified for a Medicaid coverage. The affordable care act marketplace has introduced new ways in which these same individuals can […]

disability insurance

How to Ensure Social Security Disability Eligibility for Your Patients

Healthcare finance professionals are learning how to qualify patients for social security disability insurance. More importantly, hospitals, medical facilities and doctors are also using this strategy to increase revenues. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission to maximize reimbursement to our clients by leveraging innovative technology, processes and compassionate advocates to provide exemplary service. Call […]

revenue cycle management

What is Revenue Cycle Management and How it Improves Bottom Lines

With today’s expanding medical industry, it’s more important than ever to keep in mind that health and well-being are the first priority, not making money at the expense of your patients. By tailoring your package, you can build your brand image, ensure that your clients receive the high level of care that they deserve and […]

Medicaid Expansion in the States After the Affordable Care Act

HFMA Features DECO’s New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

DECO recently go featured on the July 2015 issue of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) newsletter. The spotlight talked about the company in general as a provider of quality new health insurance marketplace coverage options and their partnership with the HFMA. DECO offers a number of programs and solutions which are aimed at assisting […]

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Practices and New Healthcare Reforms

Since its enactment into law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been steadily pushing various health care system reforms. To date, providers are still hard at work evaluating healthcare revenue cycle and volume, with underlying ACA elements like Medicaid expansion and reform currently in close examination. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission to maximize […]

Best Practices for Hospitals beyond the Closure of ACA Open Enrollment

Now that even the extended deadline of the first open enrollment period for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace has passed, there is a window of opportunity to evaluate successes and failures of the first period and to prepare for the next. Given the rising cost of healthcare, those lacking insurance will be risking heavy […]