Here are 5 Ways Your Hospital Can Handle Medicare Financial Losses

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Here are 5 Ways Your Hospital Can Handle Medicare Financial Losses

Are your Medicare patients causing financial losses at your hospital? It’s not uncommon to hear of hospitals losing money due to Medicare. However, this can become a major issue by damaging your ability to serve all your patients when there isn’t enough funding to go around. Fortunately, there are ways for your hospital to navigate […]

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Can Be Improved, So Look Internally

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Performance Can Be Improved by Looking Inwards

One healthcare executive has stated that hospitals ought to focus more on internal factors versus external ones when it comes to working on a hospital revenue cycle management turnaround. That means that healthcare executives should stop blaming market factors for their unimpressive hospital revenue cycle performance. Instead, they should turn their attention to shrinking hospital […]

Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Processes with Assistants

Employ More Assistants to Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Processes

Recent years have seen numerous changes headed towards hospital revenue cycle management processes, including the introduction of ICD-10 and changes to Medicaid and Obamacare. Because of this, healthcare facilities need to become more creative in how they manage these issues while still maintaining focus on keeping costs low. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission […]

Lower Your Claim Denials to Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Avoiding Denied Claims is Crucial to Good Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

According to a report by Relay Health Financial, large hospitals in the Northern Plains have higher average claim denial rates compared to other areas in the country at a surprising 10.58%. The report defines large hospitals as facilities that host 250 to 400 beds. The percentage was derived by comparing the claims dollars that were […]

Institutions to Expect Better Hospital Revenue Cycle Management System

Analysts Project Bright Future for Hospital Revenue Cycle Management in the Next Decade

If there’s one thing that hospitals can look forward to in terms of the revenue cycle management, it’s that more good things are expected to come out of it this year. A recent study conducted on the matter showed that RCM practices are expected to increase due to a rise in the rate of claim […]