Revenue Cycle Management Services Help Improve Hospital Revenue Yield

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hospital revenue yield

Revenue Cycle Management Services Help Improve Hospital Revenue Yield

The administrative aspect of running a hospital is otherwise known as revenue cycle management services. Without an organized and healthy system in place, the coordination among the different teams in the organization, from the doctors to the nurses, and even up to the administrative staff, are affected. Pete Ash Pete is the Vice President of […]

social security disability

Steady Increase: Social Security Disability for Children Recipients

A recent study reveals that there has been a steady increase in the numbers of children beneficiaries for disability social security. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is the one responsible for extending financial assistance to disabled individuals who also have limited resources. Pete Ash Pete is the Vice President of Sales & Client Services […]

enrollment guidelines

Enrollment Guidelines for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace for 2017

There is a new development within the Affordable Care Act Marketplace and those who have yet to get on board the system should take this as the perfect opportunity to do so. Healthcare facilities can help their patients prepare for the marketplace first of all by ensuring that they are given the right information about […]

revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management Companies Identify Issues and Help Solve Them

For a hospital to continue providing quality healthcare for its patients, it needs to make profits, and these earnings are dependent on the revenue cycle. The revenue cycle involves several processes, from the time a patient comes in to get treatment, up to the time he is billed, and until he or his insurance provider […]


Patient Eligibility for Medicaid: Effect on Healthcare Revenue Cycle

In the healthcare industry, the role of a clinic or hospital encompasses beyond just giving medical treatment. An added service that can be offered to patients is to help them apply for Medicaid. With proper guidance from doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, patients can determine their eligibility for Medicaid and have a better chance […]

dealing with disability

Dealing with Disability: Social Security and Applying for Benefits

If you are caring for a patient that has a disability, Social Security may give assistance in covering for living and medical expenses. You may extend your services to your patient by talking him or her through the application procedure. To know what to expect throughout the process, it helps to identify certain points involving […]

affordable care act

Informing Your Patients Regarding the Affordable Care Act Marketplace

The Affordable Care Act Marketplace (ACA) has the primary goal of making high-quality healthcare attainable for everybody, regardless of their current health condition and financial status. Also called the new health insurance marketplace, this is a means by which patients can explore the packages available for them, finding the best plans that fit their needs […]

revenue cycle management services

Hospitals Must Face Challenges in Revenue Cycle Management Services

Because revenue cycle management has undergone changes and adjustments with arrival of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), hospitals need to constantly adapt. They must deal with financial pressures stemming for the act to ensure that the facility’s revenue cycle continues to be efficient. There are several challenges that hospitals may face, prompting them to consider […]


Boost Revenue by Better Determining Patients’ Eligibility for Medicaid

Processing health insurance claims of patients in an efficient manner positively impacts your hospital revenue cycle management. Think of it this way: The more insured patients you treat, the greater your revenue rises. Given this, it’s essential that your RCM focuses on determining and verifying insurance eligibility, which is part of the initial phase of […]

social security disability

Social Security Disability for Children Offers 3 Avenues for Parents

Every hospital should be committed to helping patients get the best service and treatment; they can do this by understanding all avenues wherein assistance is available. Social security disability for children is one these avenues. However, many parents don’t know how to acquire this for their children. Pete Ash Pete is the Vice President of […]

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