Despite Uncertainty in Eligibility for Medicaid, Enrollees Say They are Satisfied with Care

With Eligibility for Medicaid Uncertain, Many Report Care Satisfaction

Despite Uncertainty in Eligibility for Medicaid, Enrollees Say They are Satisfied with Care

While there is much uncertainty regarding the future of Americans when it comes to their eligibility for Medicaid, enrollees are currently saying that they are satisfied with the care they have been receiving. In fact, they have said that they are generally satisfied with their overall experience in the program. They also said that they […]

Protection for Eligibility for Medicaid, Expansion and Funding Urged

Calls for Action Regarding Eligibility for Medicaid

Everyone is awaiting the Senate’s move regarding the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Earlier this year, the House of Representatives voted to replace it with a downgraded version of American Health Care Act, with the Trump administration recently revealing plans to cut budgets for Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance. DECO Recovery […]

A New Proposed Work Requirement May Determine Eligibility for Medicaid

Work Requirement May Soon Help Determine Eligibility for Medicaid Benefits

For quite some time now, Medicaid has been the most widely available source of health coverage for people living across the United States. Through this program, over 72.5 million Americans, particularly disabled individuals, pregnant women, children, and seniors, were able to gain affordable health coverage. Due to recent events, however, many of them are at […]

Eligibility for Medicaid Expected to Change Once the ACA is Repealed

Eligibility for Medicaid and Health Coverage Itself Up in the Air as ACA Repeal Looms

It’s been a tense past couple of months as efforts to repeal the ACA, dubbed Obamacare, appears to be more imminent than ever. At this point, people are now simply wondering when it will happen as opposed to whether it will happen. With the resounding support of the Republican majority in Congress, its repeal is […]

Factors That Can Help Hospitals Determine Eligibility for Medicaid

Factors in Determining Eligibility for Medicaid to Make the Process Easier

Medicaid provides health assistance to more than 72.5 million Americans who don’t have the financial capacity to pay for the treatment they need. Together with the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicaid covers a variety of patient groups, including pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. DECO Recovery Management It is DECO’s Mission to […]