Securing SSI: Disability Benefits for Children

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Existing Stumbling Blocks to Social Security Disability Eligibility

Two Causes of Claims Denial for Social Security Disability Eligibility

One of the best safety nets for patients who have suffered a long-term or permanent disability is receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Millions of Americans apply for disability insurance but only 37% have their claims approved. Furthermore, appealing for SSD is extremely frustrating as it now takes 596 days or almost 20 months for […]

Benefit Cuts Also Threaten Eligibility for Social Security Disability

More Plans of Cutting Benefits Could Possibly Affect Eligibility for Social Security Disability

Proposed budget cuts for social disability benefits have been put forward with a lot more frequency in the past year. This has created much tension and uncertainty for those who will be directly affected should these proposals be passed into law. Pete Ash Pete is the Vice President of Sales & Client Services at DECO […]

What’s in Social Security Disability Eligibility and Budget Plans?

Developments on Social Security Disability Eligibility and Budget Plans

There’s been a lot of talk about Social Security as predictions and budget plans come out. For one, Social Security Administration Chief Actuary Stephen Goss claimed that the program will be able to provide full benefits to eligible recipients in the next 17 years. That’s five years longer than the fund’s solvency last year. Pete […]

Disability Social Security Among the Affected in Trust Funds Forecast

Disability Social Security Funds Outlook Seen as Bleak in the Coming Years

Recently, the Social Security’s board of trustees released a yearly report on the long-term financial health of its trust fund, saying that the numbers will likely drop in 17 years. These funds come from the Social Security taxes that both employers and workers pay, which are also invested and used to provide retirement, survivor and […]

Trump Cuts Disability Social Security Funds to Make People Work Again

Labor Force Participation Is Key Assumption Behind Proposed Disability Social Security Budget Cuts

Before he became commander-in-chief, President Donald Trump swore to his supporters that there would be no cuts to Social Security under his administration. That was then. Today, social security is facing significant budget cuts. In fact, it might not even survive during the ten years that it would gradually lose funding. Pete Ash Pete is […]

Eligibility for Social Security Under Attack Due To Fraud and Backlogs

Patients Are Denied Eligibility for Social Security After New Rule Imposed To Counter Fraud, Backlog

As Republicans and Democrats continue to debate the future of the social security program disability program, one thing is become strikingly clear. Many Americans are suffering as a result of long backlogs, which might consequently mean more delays for any disability case to be heard and possibly approved. Pete Ash Pete is the Vice President […]

Reform Proposed On Eligibility for Social Security Disability and More

With Social Security in Trouble, One’s Eligibility for Social Security Disability May Become Unclear

There has been a number of discussions in Washington about the future of social security in the country. Some argue that it needs major reform. To compound matters, the sum of the President’s actions in recent months seem to imply that disability benefits and social security itself may soon be in danger. Pete Ash Pete […]

Social Security Disability Eligibility Is Recently Hit By Fraud Cases

Social Security Disability Eligibility Faces Investigation Due to A Slew of Fraud Cases

Recently, the Social Security Administration has reportedly taken some steps to both identify and assess various fraud risks when it comes to its disability programs. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the administration had managed to gather information on fraud risks during the past year, but the method had not been systematic. Moreover, […]

Social Security Disability Eligibility Removes Treating-Physician Rule

Social Security Disability Eligibility Cuts Treating-Physician Rule, Keeps Appeal Waiting Times Long

The Social Security Disability program benefits millions of Americans, no matter how old or young they are. However, a new rule imposed by Social Security recently may make it harder for any patient of any age to be approved for social security disability eligibility. This is because the administration has recently introduced a new rule […]

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