New Bill Offers Disability Social Security Beneficiaries a Pathway Back to the Workforce

Americans who are on disability social security may soon find themselves back to work the moment they are able to. A new proposed bill in Congress aims to give recovering beneficiaries a pathway back to the workforce. This would give them the chance to start their life over after going through a series of medical treatments and recovery.

Earlier this year, Rep. French Hill, R-Ark. had introduced the Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act of 2017 in the House of Representatives. On the other hand, Senators Tom Cotton, R-Ark.; Mike Lee, R-Utah; and Marco Rubio, R-Fla. introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to be aware of these proposed changes so they can properly assess their patients’ eligibility for the program.

It's Back to Work for Some Disability Social Security Beneficiaries

Time Limited Benefits to Disability Beneficiaries

The bill concerns beneficiaries who qualify for a disability insurance with a temporary condition, or those afflicted with a condition that’s expected to improve over time with the help of treatment and recovery. According to the bill, an individual may be classified as "medical improvement possible." The bill provides for the drafting of a classification of disabilities as either permanent or temporary.

If a beneficiary is determined as able to return to the workforce in due time, these individuals would receive a needs-based benefit for a limited time. Moreover, the bill also calls for beneficiaries to be eligible to receive certain incentives that would allow them to transition back to work as smoothly as possible.

Social Security Dependency May Soon Be Reduced

The new bill is expected to improve the current disability social security benefits structure where the government seems to encourage individuals to remain on disability even if they are already capable of returning to work. It is hoped that this new bill from Congress can significantly reduce these individuals’ dependence on the government.

New Legislation May Allow Beneficiaries to Receive Benefits Sooner

On the other hand, federal legislation is also being introduced to remove the waiting period so that the benefits can reach people much sooner. If passed, this legislation may be enforced during the latter part of this year.

When dealing with beneficiaries on social security disability who may be qualified to return to the labor force, it helps to consult with a team of eligibility management experts who can help you navigate the various laws and procedures stated in the new bill. This way, your medical institution would be able to utilize a patient's time limited benefits when providing medical treatment and care.

R. 1540,
A Pathway to Work for Social Security Disability Beneficiaries,

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