Revenue Cycle Management Services and a Decrease in Healthcare Program Enrollees

The confusion regarding the state of the country’s healthcare program continues on, and this time the effects are being more widely felt than ever. On the frontlines are healthcare providers who have reported a significant decrease in the number of enrollees over the past year.

It’s no wonder how this development came to be. With the change of administrations and a twice-failed attempt at repealing and replacing the existing Obamacare, there has been a lot of concern as to what kind of new program will be finally implemented.

Revenue Cycle Management Services and Decreasing Healthcare Enrollees

Higher Risk, Low Returns

Healthcare providers are now talking about how much more difficult it is to keep the business afloat, mainly because they are not able to hit the numbers in enrollment they had been expecting.

The future looks bleak, too, especially with supposed talks of Medicaid getting budget cuts resonating loud and strong. While many providers may have already closed shop, there are still some who remain standing strong--but needless to say, their survival is definitely going to be a challenge in today’s market.

Trends and Projections

Apart from losing enrollees, some people who were already in the program chose to drop out. In fact, as of 2017, as much as 2 million people have given up their Obamacare coverage. As politicians bicker in Washington about the efficiency of Obamacare, with Democrats claiming that the office of the President is failing to fully enforce the law concerning the healthcare system, millions of Americans continue to fall out of the program and are left unprotected.

As reports would have it, however, the fallout is deliberate on the part of the consumers. Their message is loud and clear: they want cost-efficient options that’s going to keep them feeling secure about their healthcare options. This downward trend is expected to continue while political jousts in Washington foster uncertainty.

New Proposal

Although the Republicans have drafted a proposed replacement for Obamacare, its fate is still up in the air with no clear future in sight. As reports would have it, legislators are preparing for another vote on the matter by next week.

All of these developments make it more necessary for healthcare institutions to seek the help of companies that could help improve revenue cycle management services. A company like DECO can help your institution remain on top of things through effective eligibility management services even as things get worked out at the political level.

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