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transparent DECO Converts your Hospital's Potential Bad Debt into Cash

hospital_consultantDECO has been providing customized hospital assistance solutions to help hospitals maximize their third party self-pay revenue reimbursement.

Our talented multilingual staff is integral in this mission.

DECO's culture of service ensures that we take the extra steps in order to make sure hospital assistance is a priority, and that hospitals and their patients are covered both financially and health-wise when it comes to delivering a stellar service to both patients and hospital clients.

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At DECO we make it a point to make sure all interested hospital facilities are given special attention by our amazing Business Development staff.

  • For assistance in the Mid-Atlantic Region, please contact Pete Leonard
  • For the Southern & Midwestern Regions please contact Pete Ash.

An Integral Necessity for your Hospital Revenue Cycle Management: DECO's eligibility and advocacy services for your facility.

hospital revenue cycle management services21 years of service to our community is a testament to our companies’ commitment to excellence. DECO would like to become committed to your community as well. Implementing tweaks to your hospital revenue cycle management process permits for the recovery of most hospitals funds, creating revenue where debt used to be.

Clients want to know that the system is working for them. Having a company that works for the best interest of all involved IS working for the client. DECO creates an atmosphere of understanding and calm for the patients, parent(s)/guardians that comforts them. Our friendly, compassionate advocates not only show compassion for the people they serve; they extend that sense of hope to families.

We allow for physicians, nurses, hospital staff, and administrators to focus on patient care and facility management; rather than attending to improving healthcare revenue cycle management. Diversity in a company is needed to make sure all aspects of human life are not only valued but respected.

That is why here at DECO we believe in diversity. You will find this diversity in our staff as well as in our collective services.

Our tailored business plan is guaranteed to meet the needs of a multitude of business models. Our dynamic advocate team is personalized for your facility. Our company brings an air of understanding, empathy, resilience, and yes; results.

Our dedication to excellence is the trade marker of our company. Whether yours is a small clinic or a metropolitan hospital, our personal attention is custom fit to your particular business needs.

One of the hardest things to deal with is an untimely health issue. Our company works in conjunction with the patient and hospital at those times using our eligibility program. We make sure the hospital will get reimbursed for services rendered as well as guide the patient in the right direction financially.

Much like a physician is there for their patient, from the beginning of a health issue and counsels them until the end of the problem, DECO is there in the background working for you.

vinceraineyVINCE RAINEY

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Email Vince with your inquiries related to having DECO assist your hospital by clicking the email icon below.