Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance

social_security_disabilityHere at DECO we provide your patients with the best consultations for Social Security Disability Insurance. Give us a call so we can help answer any questions you may have about Social Security Disability and we'll get you moving in the right direction.

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DECO Practices Compassion

If you or your loved one is unable to work due to a medical condition or mental illness, DECO Disability can help you.  You may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance.

We will help you complete all necessary forms, and also help you to file appeals if the claim is denied.  We'll also represent you before an Administrative Law Judge.

If you are awarded, you could receive monthly income and Medicaid and/or Medicare.

transparent DECO’s Disability Advocacy Team

couple_ssdiDECO's Team of Specialized Disability Representatives has an 80% conversion rate which is well above the national average of 52%.  

DECO's Team of Representatives has over 100 years of Social Security Disability experience and are certified by SSA.

DECO's network of contacts within Social Security's Central Operations & Field Offices allow us direct access to the individuals with the authority to expedite the decision making process.

DECO Assists with Determining Your Patients' Eligibility for Social Security Disability

social security disability eligibilitySocial Security Disability provides a safety net for those that are injured or have an ailing disability. It gives peace of mind to millions of Americans concerned about accidents or life threatening illnesses.

If you have a health problem preventing you, a family member, or even a good friend from working, then you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability Insurance. Do you know the inside secrets to help successfully determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability? If you don't, then you need our services.

We have a dedicated team of experts on hand to answer questions about Social Security Disability eligibility. The rules for filling for Social Security Disability services can be confusing and take months to complete. We offer reputable and thorough screenings to help properly determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability.

We can help fill out the mountains of paperwork associated with determining your Social Security Disability eligibility. Our team of experts boasts an 80% conversion rate above the national average of 52%. We have more than a century of combined experience helping those unable to work obtain the entitlements they deserve.

Social Security Disability includes the potential to obtain medical care in the form of Medicaid or Medicare. When illness or accident strikes, no one wants to think about the looming pile of bills and debt. We provide a means to escape the avalanche of stress brought on by disability.

We will continue to work with you through denied claims and payee options. We advocate the reward you deserve for putting aside monies for Social Security Disability when you were able to work. Our SSA certification gives us the upper hand during the filing process. DECO makes it a point to assist you along this tedious journey and will be there for you if there are any questions.