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“It is DECO’s Mission to maximize reimbursement to our clients by leveraging innovative technology, processes and compassionate advocates to provide exemplary service.”


Hospital Assistance


Hospitals face the fiscal burden of managing uncompensated care unless they leverage the Advocacy based program provided by DECO.

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Social Security Disability

DECO Recovery Management SSDI

The staff at DECO Disability are ready to help you through the application process to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits.

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transparent Call us to receive a FREE Consultation for individuals seeking assistance and/or representation for Social Security Disability. We have agents available to assist you.

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DECO hosts events in selected local areas to raise awareness about ACA and also to provide places for individuals to sign up for healtcare. Check out our calendar to check for upcoming events in your area.

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transparent DECO: A Necessary Addition to Your Current Revenue Cycle Management Process

Revenue cycle management services make accounts receivable look more pleasant for hospitals and clinics everyday. DECO, a leader in eligibility management services can be an amazing addition to your facility's revenue cycle management services. We use thorough and solid business practices to bring more accounts from due to paid.

So what is revenue cycle management? Simply, it is trusting receivable accounts to experienced managers at your facility. We have been working since 1993 to help hospitals convert their receivable accounts to paid and have provided eligibility management services to make your bottom line look better every year, and every quarter.

Our services balance on proven technology, best practices, and exemplary communication, making us a diligent, well-versed provider ready to handle your needs.

what is revenue cycle management improvementWe bring professionalism and expertise to every step of the process, and use a patient advocate approach that makes us not just a good solution now, but long-term as well. Our relationship inroads with insurance providers and other payees extend to your patients as well, as we are dedicated to ensuring every patient is helped in the process.

Your hospital or clinic is paid, and your patient is happy to return, and pay again. We're there to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks of your revenue cycle process. Your financial fitness is imperative to running a smoother business, and DECO is indispensable in providing that.

One of the many liquidity strategies that we employ is our unique eligibility management services. With more than 100 years of combined experience in Social Security Disability Insurance, we've reached a pinnacle of service by helping not only to provide the information, but to also help those who are possibly eligible for SSDI.

We also follow up on the applications, explain them thoroughly, liaising between Social Security Disability Insurance to make sure that every step of review, application, and follow-up is handled compassionately and with integrity. Alongside Medicare and Medicaid, we have plenty of options to explore with the patients that need these services, and it all points to more paid accounts, and more happy patients.

Finding solutions and implementing them is a large part of revenue cycle management practices. A very regimented practice with a foundation of integrity is where the diligence matters.

Revenue cycle management improvement services from DECO means dealing with an expert in self-pay hospital revenue reimbursement that knows how to work with all parties involved to get as many as possible to paid, boosting your bottom line. Being on the front lines in technological innovation and ever-present in customer relationships, DECO performs with integrity to make your investment sound. DECO is a firm dedicated to your self-pay population's health, and dedicated to your business.